The oncoming attacks from the Akuma strike fear in hearts, but will the last few Exorcists be able to stop Millenium Earl? Who will you join? (Based on D.Gray Man)
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 Hello and final Goodbye

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Hello and final Goodbye Empty
PostSubject: Hello and final Goodbye   Hello and final Goodbye I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 12:26 am

Evan finaly decided to leave the large house given to him by the Earl. He fealt it was time to see his family which he hasn't seen in a couple of months. For they thought he was dead.

His meduim sized black hair was brushed down he was wearing one of his favorite gray striped sweater and dark blue jeans, his grey and white sneakers. Evan was on top of a church like building looking at the sights and people around him. People the ordinary kind of humans, which he was supposed to help destroy along with the rest of the world. But he wasn't infact he wasn't even going to listen to the Earl anymore after today.

He jumped off the building falling to the ground. The wind blowing threw his hair and flowing around his body. The people gasped and they saw him falling at a fast pace. People were panicking and screaming. Cars and buses stopped driving causing minor traffic. They all watched as he fell and acording to them. He was falling to his death.

Evan simply smiled as he phased right threw the ground leaving everyone shocked and confused.
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Hello and final Goodbye
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