The oncoming attacks from the Akuma strike fear in hearts, but will the last few Exorcists be able to stop Millenium Earl? Who will you join? (Based on D.Gray Man)
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 Makai Kasai Essence of Akuma

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Makai Kasai

Makai Kasai

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PostSubject: Makai Kasai Essence of Akuma   Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:41 pm

Makai was a lab rat for the earl as he tried to fuse Innocence with Akuma dna. Makai has powers of Akuma and Innocence.

Essence of AKuma

Makais skin will grow dark black. Bone spikes will shot form his back and elbows. A long spiked bone tail will grow from his tailbone. His nails will grow longer and turn pitch black.

- Black wind
- Black Lightning
- Black flames
- To rapidly multiply his bones and use them as a weapon.
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Makai Kasai Essence of Akuma
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