The oncoming attacks from the Akuma strike fear in hearts, but will the last few Exorcists be able to stop Millenium Earl? Who will you join? (Based on D.Gray Man)
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 Bonds - Saphira

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Race: Clan of Noah
Name: Saphira a.k.a. Noah of Bonds/Bondomu
Gender: Female

Bonds - Saphira Empty
PostSubject: Bonds - Saphira   Bonds - Saphira I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 12:38 pm

Abilites-She can also destroy innocence by touching it. She has control on the akuma. All of her albilites, like the other noah, are based on dark matter. She can regenerate her wounds, but can't when severly weakened.

Bonds-Sapphire and Hana uses guns as a medium for their power of materialization. Materialization only works when they both shoot. When they sing and point at each point, they shoot at each other at the same time, thus merging into one Noah, Saphira.they simply think on what to use, and it becomes real. Saphira uses her bare hands to materialize things.

Sapphire and Hana

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Bonds - Saphira
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