The oncoming attacks from the Akuma strike fear in hearts, but will the last few Exorcists be able to stop Millenium Earl? Who will you join? (Based on D.Gray Man)
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 Maeve Kanda- Innocence

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Maeve Kanda

Maeve Kanda

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PostSubject: Maeve Kanda- Innocence   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:18 pm

Innocence's Name: Eye of Horus

Appearance: A short curved sword, resembling a Egyptian scimitar, with the left eye of Horus symbol on it's hilt

Type: Equipment (?)

Abilities: Eye of Horus appears as a short sword and once activated it glows slightly red. It has three stages. the farther into the stages it goes the more energy it drains from it's user, even though it's an Equipment type Innocence it's stages involve summoning energies, and thus it feeds off it's owner's energy.

Stage I: Divine Protection - Once this stage is activated a shield like guard appears over the wielder's arm, but the guard is very flexible, and strong

Stage II: Pharaoh's Guardian - A falcon-like spirit is summoned and does the wielder's bidding

Stage III: Eye of Ra: Opened - The blade turns to fire and moves according the the wielder's will. The fire however is as hot as the sun to everyone who touches it, except the wielder.

-The weapon can drain one's energy quickly, to use such an Innocence Maeve has to practice very hard to pace herself with all her fighting, or else she'd end up unconscious in no time.
-The blade, without any stages activated, is very short ranged and is more for close combat
- After Stage I the eye symbol on the hilt appears on Maeve's scarred eye, once she activates Stage III the eye symbol 'opens' and possesses her mind slightly, making her become completely 'robotic' and unfeeling, therefore she won't react to wounds, no matter how great they are, until she deactivates her Innocence or at least the Eye of Ra. -So ultimately she could be on the verge of death because of her injuries, but she wouldn't notice- This makes the final stage very deadly to it's user because it could make them die from moving an injury that shouldn't have been moved, or losing too much blood.
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Rosalie Kamelot
Rosalie Kamelot

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PostSubject: Re: Maeve Kanda- Innocence   Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:30 pm

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Maeve Kanda- Innocence
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